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At Golocio we are dedicated to providing flexible and creative services to meet the demands of modern travel industry. Our recipe for success is adapting our solutions to your business. We offer a wide range of services from accommodations and transfers to customer care and destination activities. By customising each product, we will be able to maximise profitability and ensure the end-users’ satisfaction.

Accomodation services

A world of hospitality possibilities for your accommodation management needs!

After a long day of travel, nothing feels better than relaxing at your preferred hotel or resort. We want your clients to feel right at home. That’s why we give you the tools you need to manage every aspect of the accommodation process. Our experienced team of specialists will work with you proactively to achieve all of your hospitality goals. We’ll always be on the ball to protect your interests and ensure the best value for your money.

You can count on Golocio to support you in each and every one of the steps of the contracting, reservations and yield management processes.

As market conditions constantly change, so do we. Our systems and processes are engineered to be responsive and dynamic; as a result, we are always on the lookout for new exciting offers and opportunities. Let Golocio take care of all your accommodation needs.


Reliable and efficient ground services to get your business moving along!

Your client ground transportation should be smooth and effortless. We offer all varieties of vehicles ranging from small taxis to coaches, and from shuttle transfers to limousines.

Our transfers are based on security, organization, punctuality, and quality of service. To enhance our transportation services, we have offices in every destination to assist in any way possible. In addition, we maintain several offices in selected airports to help with coordination and customer assistance.

Golocio also gives you the opportunity to provide transfer services with your own brand and image.

Customer care e information services

You arrange for customers to come and we’ll receive them as you would!

Golocio offers a complete series of incoming services to support, receive and inform your guests while in the destination. Golocio can offer you professional guides and destination representatives in any language to provide the best customer experience to your clients. Alternatively, if you count already on a qualified team, Golocio can help you getting them up to speed. We know that planning ahead, things just go smoother.

Through our local offices we can provide your people with the tools and the logistic support they need in order to get their job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you asked Golocio to do the job or you are doing it yourself, we can provide you with the mobile technology (hand held terminals) to speed up the sale and ticketing process maximising revenue and reducing the waiting time of your customers. You can rest assured we will be there every step of the way to guarantee you and your clients the best support.

Destination activities

We enable you to create memories your clients will never forget!

Now comes the fun part! With a wide selection of excursions and activities, we can guarantee that your clients will never be bored. Let's face it. Tourism keeps changing and travellers’ tastes are getting more sophisticated. This is why our team is continuously updating and developing new and attractive products with the latest in entertainment. We have the market background and knowledge to understand the preferences of your client base across the different source markets to provide you with the best match for your requirements.

Maximise your revenue per guest by including our fantastic range of entrance tickets to the greatest tourist attractions events and shows in each destination. Experience the flexibility of our services, which can be available in multiple languages and customised to your specific needs including all the ingredients that a great trip needs. We can assume your brand image in all aspects of your clients’ experience, including vehicles, uniforms, folios, sales folders and brochures, restaurants, and whatever else may be required.

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