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How it works

About the product

Golocio tour packs

It is a trip that combines multiple services providing a full service and maximum convenience for our clients. Services that are normally offered are transport, accommodation, insurance, match tickets, transfers and sightseeing tours. Each one of these services can be personalised and adapted to the needs of each customer. These services can come together with other services such as guides, translators, dinners, museums, tickets for other events, trips to other parts of Spain or even abroad, and a long list of choices.

Can I just buy the tickets without other services?

Golocio allows you to purchase tickets for any game that you wish to attend without needing to book additional services. In such way you can get your tickets in advance for your favourite game throughout the whole season.

What games can be booked?

With Golocio you can attend any game taking place in the major football competitions such as national leagues and cups, UEFA Champions League and Europe League. But not only that, GOLOCIO is your perfect partner to live unique competitions like the World cup or the Euro cup.


What can I book or purchase

Golocio offers two types of products: tickets and packs that can be purchased online or under request through bespoke made quotes that adapt to specific customer needs and requirements beforehand.

Ticket location and distribution

Ticket location areas are designated by categories. Tickets will be located according to the category selected during the purchasing process. GOLOCIO ensures that tickets will be distributed together at least by pairs.

When can I purchase?

Right now

Golocio is the perfect choice to buy tickets in advance ensuring your assistance to any competition game taking place throughout the season.

How and where?

Purchases can be carried out through any travel agency, where a travel agent will inform you about the different possibilities of purchase in accordance to the type of match you are interested in.

Additionally you can purchase at


Pack prices

The price of each pack will be different in accordance to the match, city of destination, transports and extras included although Golocio will be able to guarantee the best rates due to the agreements reached with top tourist service providers.

Ticket price

Rates given by Golocio are net prices and accordingly are not subject to additional commissions or discounts. Please also note that the price paid can be different from original ticket face value due to the need of turning to secondary markets to ensure that customer requirements are met and ticket availability is guaranteed by Golocio at all times.

Payment methods

Las compras en la agencia de viajes se pagarán según las modalidades de pagos establecidas por ésta. Las compras realizadas en se pagarán mediante tarjeta o Paypal. Excepcionalmente se permitirá mediante transferencia bancaria


What penalty do I have if I cancel my pack booking?

In case such cancellation is not due to a substantial change in the conditions of the package booked, the client will be bound to compensate Golocio.

The client will pay for the arrangement expenses, cancellation expenses, if any, and for a penalty consisting in 5 per cent of the total amount of the trip, in case cancellation is done with more than ten and less than fifteen days in advance to the date of travelling; 15 per cent between three and ten days before; and 25 per cent within the forty-eight hours prior to departure.

In case of no show at the departure, the client is bound to pay the total amount of the trip, paying the total amount of the trip, and any applicable pending amount, unless otherwise prior agreement between Golocio and the client.

What penalty do I have if I cancel my ticket purchase?

Ticket purchases made through Golocio are non refundable and therefore will not be subject to alterations or cancellations by the customer. In the event of no show by the customer, the customer will be still bound to pay the total price of the booking and will not have any right to claim for any compensation from Golocio.

Any alterations on the current reservation such as reducing the number of tickets, changing category, modifying booking holder’s name, and so forth will always be subject to availability and prior authorisation by Golocio. Please note that modifications may involve additional administration fees with a minimum service charge of €50 plus service provider modification charges, if any. All booking modifications are subject to availability and must be requested at least 30 days in advance by email at

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