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Sun & Beach

Spectacular spots with beauty that will leave your clients breathless.

With destinations throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Red seas, Golocio offers some of the best beach locations in the world. Let your clients escape to another world filled with tranquil and relaxing paradises as they forget about their hectic and stress-filled lives. We provide the best in white sand, clear blue water, and life-invigorating experiences for your clients to enjoy and have the time of their lives.

City breacks

Urban activities unrivaled in cultural authenticity and entertainment

The possibilities with golocio’s city breaks are nearly endless, as each city offers an abundance of activities, attractions, and points of interest. With many destinations located in Europe and northern Africa, Golocio puts attractive city get-aways well within your reach. Whether it’s exploring ancient structures, sampling the local cuisine, or enjoying the theatre or a musical, your clients will not want to leave. To assure your satisfaction, our experts will work with you to create a polished and personalised product you can be proud of.

Coach tours

All the ingredients to give your clients a memorable trip

Contact us to discuss any requirement you may have and one of our professional coach tours experts will able to advise you and manufacture the perfect solution for your trip. Golocio can combine the most suitable solutions in terms of transportation, accommodation, customer care and activities to make sure your customers have a memorable experience. Whether the focus is culture, relax or entertainment our wide selection of destination management services will provide you with a professional and reliable solution. At your disposal you will have the possibility to visit the main European cities, or to experience a trip to the exotic Egypt and Tunisia or to relax on the best beaches of the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Caribbean Sea. You can choose whether to include cultural or fun activities within your trip or to make them available as optional. Our professional team of tour escorts and local guides will be always available to ensure your satisfaction and that of your clients.


Converting your clients’ projects into rewarding and motivational experiences

Golocio is your partner for the organisation of conferences, incentives and events. Enjoy our customised services that will convert your clients’ projects into rewarding and motivational experiences. We open the doors and provide you with a selection of the best solutions and creative ideas. We guarantee a prompt response and a detailed destination proposal to offer you a unique and successful event. Available services include meeting site, conference venue, event location and any other incentive requirement.

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Real Spain

We show Spain from a different perspective beyond the typical product of sun & beach.

Spain is a mosaic of cultures. Heterogeneous. Old and modern. Refined and popular. Holy and secular. Plural and diverse. The variety of its cultures attracts. The historic heritage dazzles. The vital power of its people fascinates. Spanish culture is extremely rich and touches upon all forms of artistic expression. From literature to painting, music to architecture, the theatre to sumptuary arts.

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