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Cookies examples:

Zopim cookies, communication to optimise the browsing of our users, solve issues and get suggestions.

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Behavioral advertising cookies: these persistent cookies are used to gather and recover user behaviour information by continuous observation aimed at develop specific profiles to show adviertising at.

Golocio uses Google AdWords functionality. Golocio and Google use origin cookies (such as Google Analytics) to inform and publish advertising depending on visitis.

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In the manu "Tools > Options", select the option "Privacy". Enable or disable the box "Indicate sites I do not want to be tracked". You can remove the installed cookies with the option "Remove cookies individually".


In the menu "Tools > Preferences", select the option "Privacy"- In the menu "Block cookies" select"Always" or "Never".

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In the menu "Tools > Internet Options", select the option "Privacy", and click "Advanced". Then enable the box "Invalidate the automatic cookie administration". Check the boxes "Activate","Block" or "Ask". We advise you to activate the option "Always accept session cookies" to allow an appropriate browsing.

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