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Hungary with 10 million inhabitants is right at the centre of Europe with Budapest as its capital. Called home by 2,100 million people this historic city holds thus roughly one fifth of the country’s population. The rivers Danube and Tisza provide abundant irrigation for the extensive cultivation of the country’s fields and rich woodlands. If the rivers have been and are the highways for commerce and industry, even gold washing was a regular practice, countryside and lakes are the main attractions for people to spent their free time and leisure.

Water sports and sailing are practiced at Lake ‘Balaton’, Europe’s second biggest lake, lake “Fertöd’ (or Neusiedler See), the lake systems of the Tisza, and Velence. Speleology, hot air ballooning and light aircraft take you to sky’s or underground to admire this wonderland with more detail. Hot springs and over 100 historical thermal bath’s care for well being and health.

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